Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pastor Charles Worley - working the figures

So, this man, if such a moniker can be used for someone with such inhuman standards on how to treat others, has said all the lesbians and gays and should be rounded up and put into separate "pens" and left there until they die. (He did say he would feed them, although that's un-biblical, as he is showing mercy).

In case you missed it:

I thought I would do some stats on the things he said, so here goes:

Here is my basic assumptions.

  • He said 50-100km so I'll assume 100 to be generous
  • He made a vague circular motion when he said it so I'll assume a circle
  • He suggested a separate "pen" for gays and lesbians, so I've calculated for just one population (but the calculation is the same for both populations).
  • I have assumed 1% of the female U.S. population are lesbians, although it is almost certainly much larger (which just makes the figures even more inhuman).
  • I have taken the poulation of the U.S. from google to be around 312M 

It turns out that the "lesbian density" (good grief!) would be 2000 lesbians (or gays) per square kilometre! That's half a square metre per lesbian.

Given that the absolute minimum recommended for free range chickens is 2 square metres per chicken, that gives you an idea of just how inhuman this man's ideas are.

I know doing these calculations seems ridiculous, but you can bet that any leader of a nation that has concentration camps does precisely these same calcuations with the added inhumanity of a cost/benefit analysis.

Quite apart from the fact that most gays and lesbians come from heterosexual parents and there would always be new gay and lesbians born anyway.