Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Commons Backs Gay Marriage Bill.

At last!


Never ever take your morality from an outside agency. If you do that, you have given up your own ability to assess right and wrong for yourself and thus have no way of assessing whether that outside agency itself is right or wrong.

Morality is about consequences of our actions and not about obedience to a set of rules.

Gay people in love getting married and having all the rights like next of kin that go with marriage has absolutely no effect on anyone else's marriage whatsoever. Marriage is between us, our partner, children (and god, if you believe in it) and no-one else.

We live in a largely secular nation. Yes, many people go to church but the church, thankfully, no longer has a monopoly on telling us what our morality is supposed to be. We are a far more enlightened as a species than we ever were. No, we don't know everything but we know far more about the world than the people from biblical times ever did.

I'm so glad that sanity has reigned and that society is slowly, inch by inch, moving forward to a more equal society.