Monday, September 10, 2012

Equality of opportunity in the wider world.

This is my reply to another blog post by Crommunist entitled "Finding the faults" and located here:

" ...  I find this supposed ‘unity’ of the atheist cause to be nothing more than ridiculous wishful thinking. ... ".

Those us against Atheism Plus are, in fact, saying the opposite. Atheism has always been non-unified. The only thing any of us can guarantee to have in common is that we don't see enough evidence for gods or the supernatural.

Many atheists are completely for the aims of Atheism Plus (as am I), as long as you are fighting for equality of opportunity, but it is precisely because Atheism Plus are trying to create a unified group that we are against it.

I happily stand with christians/muslims etc... who are against racism/misogyny etc... In fact, I'd rather spend my time fighting these things in public with anyone who stands with me on these things rather than be a member of a group that claims inclusivity, but you can only be an atheist to join, even if you agree with all of our aims.

The issue of equality of opportunity for everyone is so important that having a specifically atheist group that is pro social justice is divisive (not to the atheist community, we are only a group in the loosest population dynamics sense) but to the wider community fighting for social justice.
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