Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Question on Belief.

I have found 4 books. They are by four different authors. Matthias, Marcus, Lucas and Johannes. All of them claim that they were abducted by aliens in the same incident back in the 90's in Germany.

I can confirm to the best of my knowledge that the 4 men did actually write the books. I have written affidavits from all 4 of them and there exists original phone and bank records from the time that can demonstrate they were in the geographical location they say they were in the weeks before and after the incident and also sworn testimony from their families that said they were missing for the time the 4 men said they were abducted.

The four books are written in the different styles of the authors, as you'd expect. They all appear to tell a similar story however they do vary in a lot of ways, some even missing out important points that would seem to be really important details in the story. Occasionally one will mention rather important details that the others fail to mention.

I am sure as I can be that they wrote the books and the authors swear that they wrote a lot of it down at the time in diaries (to which I also have access), so they are not using what could be rather distorted memories but their original thoughts at the time.

Unfortunately, there is no alien body, alien spacecraft or burn marks/landing marks at the location to confirm their story. One or two other people claim they saw some lights at the time and place mentioned but they couldn't identify anything more than that. One quite well known academic, a Professor Joseph from the US, has said that that he had heard people mention these 4 men and the alien before but it wasn't something he was able to confirm for himself.

So we have access to the proper original documents, both the books and the diaries in the handwriting of original authors. We know the books are by the claimed authors. We even have some vague references by others to the incident. But we have no physical evidence whatsoever of the incident.

The question is, should I believe them and their extraordinary claims of alien abduction?

Now lets take this lightly veiled story for what it is.

This is, at best, the maximum amount of information we could possibly have about the 4 gospels, their writers and those around them. We don't have even this much. So if you don't accept the accounts of the abductees, why would you believe the stories from 2000 years ago?

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