Monday, May 26, 2014

Farage, as in barrage and not as in garage, apparently.

So Farage (he pronunces it the French way for some weird, hypocritical reason) just said on radio 2 "We want our country back".
1. Who from?
2. You're showing your true colours now that you have garnered some protest votes (don't mistake them for real votes).
Scared, racist, fearful "little Britisher" who relies on mis-quoted statistics and funding from his rich donors to whip up fear in the ordinary hard-working people of this country (N.B. he is one of the elite and a professional politician like the rest of them).
He forgets the entire strength of Britain comes from our mongrel nature. We've been mongrel since the first people came to this piece of land.
I wrote the following short blog post after the Olympics thinking, naively it turns out, that perhaps Britain had turned a corner.
How fickle we appear to be as a nation.
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