Thursday, October 13, 2016

Evidence for evolution


The fact no verified fossil ever found is significantly out of place with the tree built from comparative genomics. Not a single one. And there are millions of fossils.

The fact that the rock layers which the fossils are found (dated by many different forms of radiometric dating) match the ages expected from the evolutionary tree.

The fact that radiometric dating works for every other field of science (including things like dating biblical documents).Although somehow, you seem to imagine it stops working when dating rocks.

The fact that no-one has ever come up with an event (even hypothetically) that could have changed the way radiometric dating works over time.

The fact that every other scientific field (from physics, to chemistry to geology and many others) completely tie in with the results of evolutionary biology.

The fact that we see replication, change and selection in front of us in every organism ever studied.

The fact that not one single person has ever found a mechanism that prevents 2 separated populations of the same species diverging genetically to the point they can no longer breed.

The fact that retroviruses (viral DNA inserted into other organism's DNA) exists in the same position of the DNA in many organisms. This demonstrates DNA in common with other organisms. The chances that the retoviruses injected their DNA into the exact same position in the DNA in so many organisms are like the chances of winning the lottery every week for years.

The fact that there are joined chromosomes in closely related species with the code for telomeres being right there in the middle of the joined chromosome.

The fact that very closely related species (such as the horse and the donkey) can have sterile offspring called mules and hinnys. This demonstrates divergence.


I can go on if you like...
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